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Interfacing with the CUBLOC

Connect the CUBLOC MSB Series Products

Connect the ComfileHMI's RS-232 port to the MSB's RS-232 port as illustrated below. (The CUBLOC's built-in Modbus slave can only be used on the CUBLOC's serial channel 1.)

Connecting the CUBLOC CUSB Series Products

Connect the ComfileHMI's RS-232 port to the CUSB's RS-232 port as illustrated below.

Connecting the CUBLOC Core Module

The CUBLOC's 5V-level serial port must first be connected to a level shifter like the MAX232 to match the ComfileHMI's +/- 12V-level serial port. Some CUBLOC core modules already have a MAX232 built-in.

ComfileHMI's Communication Settings

When creating a new project, select the COMFILE and CUBLOC MODBUS RTU protocols.

Connecting via RS-485

The ComfileHMI's RS-485 port can be connected to the CUBLOC's serial channel 1 through an RS-232 to RS-485 converter.

CUBLOC Source Code

Please use CUBLOC Studio v4.0 or later. The following source code is a minimal Modbus slave implementation.

#include "MSB6XX"              ' MSB6XX Series device declaration. 
                               ' Core modules would use a declaration like Const Device = CB280
Opencom 1,115200,3,200,200     ' Channel 115200bps,8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
Set Modbus 1,1,100             ' Modbus RTU, slave address 1, frame delay 100 (approx. 10mS)
Set Ladder On                  ' Start the ladder scan
Do                             ' Main loop

Ladder Logic must have at least one END rung.

ComfileHMI Sample Project

ComfileHMI Sample Project ⇐ Download the ComfileHMI sample project

MSB Source Code ⇐ Download the Cubloc Studio/MSB Logic project files for the source code listed below.

#include "MSB6XX"
Opencom 1,115200,3,200,200
Set Modbus 1,1,100
Usepin 8,In
Usepin 20,In
Usepin 32,Out
Usepin 33,Out
Usepin 34,Out
Usepin 35,Out
Set Ladder On
 Delay 1000
 Incr _D(1) 

Accompanying Ladder Logic source.

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