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Interfacing with the CUBLOC

Connect the CUBLOC MSB Series Products

Connect the ComfileHMI's RS-232 port to the MSB's RS-232 port as illustrated below. (The CUBLOC's built-in Modbus slave can only be used on the CUBLOC's serial channel 1.)

Connecting the CUBLOC CUSB Series Products

Connect the ComfileHMI's RS-232 port to the CUSB's RS-232 port as illustrated below.

Connecting the CUBLOC Core Module

The CUBLOC's 5V-level serial port must first be connected to a level shifter like the MAX232 to match the ComfileHMI's +/- 12V-level serial port. Some CUBLOC core modules already have a MAX232 built-in.

ComfileHMI's Communication Settings

When creating a new project, select the COMFILE and CUBLOC MODBUS RTU protocols.

Connecting via RS-485

The ComfileHMI's RS-485 port can be connected to the CUBLOC's serial channel 1 through an RS-232 to RS-485 converter.

CUBLOC Source Code

Please use CUBLOC Studio v4.0 or later. The following source code is a minimal Modbus slave implementation.

#include "MSB6XX"              ' MSB6XX Series device declaration. 
                               ' Core modules would use a declaration like Const Device = CB280
Opencom 1,115200,3,200,200     ' Channel 115200bps,8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit
Set Modbus 1,1,100             ' Modbus RTU, slave address 1, frame delay 100 (approx. 10mS)
Set Ladder On                  ' Start the ladder scan
Do                             ' Main loop

Ladder Logic must have at least one END rung.

MSB Logic Settings

MSB Logic can be used to program the MSB Series solely in Ladder Logic, without BASIC programming.

  • Cubloc Studio can be used to program CUBLOC-based devices in BASIC and/or Ladder Logic.
  • MSB Logic can be used if only Ladder Logic is needed.

Configure the MSB as illustrated below.

115200 bps, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, slave address 1

ComfileHMI Sample Project

ComfileHMI Sample Project ⇐ Download the ComfileHMI sample project

MSB Source Code ⇐ Download the Cubloc Studio/MSB Logic project files for the source code listed below.

#include "MSB6XX"
Opencom 1,115200,3,200,200
Set Modbus 1,1,100
Usepin 8,In
Usepin 20,In
Usepin 32,Out
Usepin 33,Out
Usepin 34,Out
Usepin 35,Out
Set Ladder On
 Delay 1000
 Incr _D(1) 

Accompanying Ladder Logic source.

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