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Deploying Project for Mass production

Series that use microSD card as main memory (CHA series)

Projects can be simply copied from one SD card to another saving the hassle of repeatedly connecting the ComfileHMI hardware to the host PC via USB.

  1. Deploy the project to one ComfileHMI device using the method described above.
  2. Remove the mciroSD card from the ComfileHMI device in step 1 and copy the contents to one or more additional microSD cards using a PC.
  3. After the correct number of microSD cards are prepared, simply insert any one of the microSD cards into another ComfileHMI device to run the project.

Series that use eMMC card as main memory (CHC series)

Deploy the project to one HMI device using USB (or Ethernet). After inserting a new formatted microSD card into the HMI device, go to the runtime configurationg screen (the screen that appears when you touch 5 times on the top right of the screen, or the screen that is briefly displayed when you turn on the power) and press [Export Project]. The contents of the project will then be saved to the microSD card.

Now this microSD card becomes the storage medium. There is no need to connect the PC to other HMI devices individually. If you insert only this mircoSD card and turn on the power, the following screen is displayed.

If you click [Yes] here, the project in the microSD card is transferred to the HMI device. Transfer the project to multiple HMI devices in this way. You can mass-produce more easily.

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