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String Variable Control

Various actions are available to target HMI string variables.

String Assignment

Inserts a string into a string variable. When the action below is executed, $str1 stores the string “Compiling Technology”.

String Insertion

You can insert the desired string in a specific location in a string.

If the contents of $str1 was “uvwxy” then it would become “uvabcwxy” after the above action was taken.

String Deletion

You can delete all or part of the contents of a string variable.

String Conversion

If a string variable is in numeric form (for example, “123”), it can be replaced with a number and stored in the HMI variable. The opposite is also possible.

Parse String

You can divide the value of a string variable into multiple variables by delimiters. For example, if a string variable named $person_info contains the value “John,USA,36”, it can be stored divided and stored into $name, $country, and $age, respectively.

The user can decide what the delimiter should be (for example, / or , etc.). If the delimiter can change at runtime, then you can specify the separator by the string variable name.

To convert to numeric values, use numeric variables, not text variables.

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