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There are two ways to display a keypad in the ComfileHMI. One is to use the numeric input widget, and the other is to place the keypad explicitly on the screen with the keypad widget.

A keypad can be configured to always store its value to a location in a connected external device's1) memory, or to a Internal variable.

In the Design options there are many styles of keypads to choose from. After selecting a style the color of the keypad can be further customized.

Running an Action Group

An action group can be assigned to the keypad to be run whenever the keypad is closed.

Enter Key


Preprocessing Operations

The numeric value entered can be multiplied or added to before storing the result to the variable.

Referencing the Existing Value

Existing values, either as device memory or a ComfileHMI variable, can also be incremented or decremented by the value entered on the keypad.

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a PLC or MCU connected to the ComfileHMI
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