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Remote Scripting

The remote scripting feature can execute a script from a remote TCP/IP connection. It is only compatible with CHC model panel PCs running firmware version 3.15 or later.

General Procedure

  1. After setting the network configuration (HMI Runtime Settings–>Network), enable the remote control server (HMI Runtime Settings–>Servers–>Run the Remote Control Server).
  2. Open a raw socket connection to the server.
  3. Send a script message to the server surrounded by <script> and </script> tags. (e.g. <script>a=1+2</script>).

To receive a response from the server use one or more of the write_xxx functions. For example <script>write_text(“Hello, World!”);</script> will send the text “Hello, World!” back to the client.

To test this feature from within Comfile Studio go to Tools–>Advanced Features–>Remote Script Test Box.

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