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The slider is a bar-shaped widget that allows you to finely adjust the desired value by dragging the thumb on the track.

Both horizontal (left-to-right values ​​increase) and vertical (bottom-to-top values ​​increase) are supported.

1. Determine whether the slider bar moves in conjunction with the word address, variable, or internal memory value. If the value changes without user interaction, the slider thumb will move according to the value.

2. After setting the minimum and maximum values, the slider thumb moves proportionally to the range of the values.



3. Check if you want to give the slider a filling effect. When unchecked, there is no distinction between the design of the filled part and the empty part by using the handle as a branch point.

4. Use the design provided by the system without the need for the user to design. The horizontal/vertical orientation will depend on the design you choose.

5. If there is a filling effect, the design of the empty and filled appearances is different, so if so, it indicates which design is currently being edited. If the color tone of the empty and filled parts is the same, check Bind Color to Both States.

6. A list of system designs. The design you choose determines whether it is horizontal or vertical.

7. You can select the desired color by simply clicking it in the grid.

8. Instead of using the design provided by the system, the image created by the user is used.

9. The handle also determines the design in a manner similar to the track design.

10. The internal layout determines the thickness of the track or the arrangement structure of the handles. In the case of system resources, there is a default layout. In the case of system resources, if you want the default layout, check'Use system layout'.

11. Determine the track thickness.

12. Set the location of the thumb at its minimum position.

13. Set the location of the thumb at its maximum position.

14. Set the display options and location options.

15. Settings for the push and beep options.

Discrete Switch

If you check Discrete Switch, will snap to discrete positions as if each position had a detent. Check this option if you want to be able to select one of several values.

Enter the number of positions ​​to select.

Enter a list of values ​​that correspond to each position, sequentially with commas. You must enter the number according to the Position Count entered.

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