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Trend Graph

The Trend Graph widget can be used to acquire data and present it as a line graph changing with time.

General Properties

1. Channel List

Add and customize independently one or more data acquisition channels and their appearance.

2. Fonts

Customize the appearance of the text displayed on the graph.

3. Refresh Rate

Specifies the rate at which the graph redraws on the screen. This is independent from the data acquisition rate of the individual channels.

4. Grid Area

Defines the appearance of the grid lines.

5. Margins

Margins used to customize the position of the graph within the widget's bounds.

Channel Settings

Min/Max. Value

Sets the vertical window of the y-axis.

Line Thickness/Color

Sets the thickness of the line graph and it's corresponding color.

Channel Name and Scale

Sets the text label and text scale for the y-axis.

Data Source

Choose the source of the data to plot. This can be read directly from a connected device, an expression, or a simulated value for demonstration purposes.

Use Scaling

Fit the data to the vertical window.

Data Acquisition Period

Sets how frequently the data should be sampled from the data source.


The widget background can be adjusted independently of the graph background.

Time Settings (X-Axis)

Settings for the time scale (x-axis).

No. of Divisions/Subdivisions

Customizes the number of vertical grid line divisions and subdivisions to display.

Time per Division

The amount of time allocated to a division.

Label and Scale

Customizes text label and text scale to display along the x-axis.


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