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Action Groups

Action Groups are collections of actions grouped under a single name

In the example below, three actions are aggregated under the single name “Initialize”. (When executed, they are executed in the order shown.)

Action Groups are executed in response to some event declared elsewhere in the project. They are similar in concept to a user-defined function.

When adding an action, you can choose an action group to run by selecting the Run Action Group option. The drop-down list contains a list of any pre-defined action groups.

Therefore, Action Groups can be executed from a Multi-action Button, Global Event, or a Screen Event. Recursion is not supported.

Advanced Options

In the Advanced Options, an action group can be configured for iteration. Iteration can be configured for a finite number of iterations, or to run indefinitely.

Delay can be added to the initial execution as well as to each individual iteration in millisecond precision.

Stopping an Iterating Action Group

Use the Stop Iterating Action Group option to end the execution of any iterating action group.

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