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Interfacing the ComfilePi with an EtherCAT Device

EtherCAT field i/o is expensive, but its performance is better than that of Modbus RTU. (As a result of checking the latency through experimentation, EtherCAT was measured to be about 15~25ms while Modbus RTU was measured to be about 80~100mS)

There is only one Ethernet port in CompilePi, so a WIFI dongle was used to connect to the local network, and the ComfilePi's Ethernet port was connected to the EtherCAT module.

A Crevis GN-9386 was chosen for this demonstration, but the procedure is the same for EtherCAT products of other companies. (ex:Beckhoff, Wago..)

1. Download the Creavis GN-8386 the XML file. The Creavis GN-8386 XML configuration file can be downloaded from their website.

Choose one.

2. Go to the Device repository.

Click Install and select the downloaded xml file.

3. Add EtherCAT device.

In the picture, 2784 and 1238 are next to 9386. Add devices in this order.

4. Configure the EtherCAT NIC. Click Browse. Then one connected one will float. Choose it and you're done.

5. Make an LD program.

Assign a direct address to a variable.

6. Make a Visualization.

Check the result.

Download the project file :

CODESYS with the ComfilePi

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