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Install a Runtime Lincense

If there is no runtime license, the ComfilePi project will stop after 2 hours. The project can be restarted and run again, but it is recommended to purchase and install a runtime license.

CODESYS Restart Command

sudo /etc/init.d/codesyscontrol start

Install a Runtime License

1. Buy a runtime license here : Go to CODESYS store and search for Raspberry.

There are two types of products, SL for single core and MC SL for multi core. MC SL multicore allows you to assign tasks to a dedicated core.

Upon purchase, you will receive a ticket number via email.

2. Go to the license manager.

3. Configure like show below.

Connect to the ComfilePi.

Then you can see the softContainer.

4. Enter the ticket number.

5. Check your license.

CODESYS with the ComfilePi

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