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First of all, you should download CUBLOC STUDIO and install it. Comfile Technology's Download page

For the CUBLOC, you only need an RS-232C cable.

If your PC doesn't have an RS-232C Port, you use a USB-to-RS232C cable.

This example will use the MSB612RA-DC. It is single-body CUBLOC module.

Before we start, just enter this source code into CUBLOC studio.

#include "MSB6XX"
  High 32
  Wait 500
  Low 32
  Wait 500

Go to “PC interface setup” in the “Setup” menu.

Select a COM port for CUBLOC downloading.

Click the red “RUN” icon.

It is just for tasting. If your MSB relay makes a tic-toc noise, that is success.

CUBLOC - Embedded Controller

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