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Installing Linux on the CPCV5 Panel PCs

Installing Ubuntu

IMPORTANT: This procedure will overwrite all data on the panel PCs disk. If you have any data on the panel PC that you wish to keep, please back it up before continuing with this procedure.

For this procedure, the touch screen will not work until the necessary is software is installed. Therefore, it may be necessary to connect a keyboard and mouse to the panel PC in order to perform the installation.

Create the Bootable Installation Media

  1. Create a bootable USB drive using the instructions at Use the “Ubuntu Desktop” ISO from

Boot from the Installation Media

  1. Plug the newly created bootable USB drive into any one of the USB ports
  2. Turn on the panel PC.
  3. When the BIOS screen appears, press F7 to display the boot selection screen.
  4. Choose the “UEFI: USB” option and press the Enter key
  5. When the Grub menu appears, select the “Ubuntu” option (the first and default option), and press the Enter key.

Install Ubuntu to the Panel PCs Main Disk

  1. When the install media boots, it will automatically start a GUI installer. Select “Install Ubuntu” and follow the onscreen instructions selecting options as you see fit.
  2. When the installation is finished, follow the on-screen instructions to reboot and remove the installation media.
  3. When the Ubuntu installation boots for the first time, it will present a “Welcome to Ubuntu” wizard with some configuration options. Choose the options as you see fit, and the Ubuntu desktop will appear.
  4. After a moment, the system may also present a Software Updater window to update the system with the latest software. Choose the “Install Now” option to perform the update.

Install the Touchscreen Software

  1. Run the following script to download the touchscreen software and copy it to the /opt/EETI/eGTouch directory.
    tar -xf eGTouch_v2.5.10206.L-x.tar.gz
    sudo mkdir -p /opt/EETI/
    sudo mv eGTouch_v2.5.10206.L-x /opt/EETI/eGTouch
    rm -rf eGTouch_v2.5.10206.L-x.tar.gz
  2. Run cd /opt/EETI/eGTouch followed by sudo ./ to install the software to make the touchscreen work
    1. Type Y to accept the license agreement
    2. Type 2 to select the USB interface
    3. Press ENTER when prompted to do so
    4. Type N to the multi-monitor question
    5. Type Y to add the usbtouchscreen kernel module to the blacklist
    6. Type 1 for the controller count question
  3. Reboot
  4. To enable the the beep on touch feature, run sudo /opt/EETI/eGTouch/eGTouch64/eGTouch64withX/eGTouchU to open the touch controller's settings application.
    1. On the Misc tab, select Beep from System Beep and Beep on Touch and then press OK.

Ubuntu is now ready for use.

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