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BASIC and Ladder Logic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)


The CUBLOC is different from the traditional PLCs that you may have encountered. Traditional PLCs are built into cases and have hardwired connections, but CUBLOC is an “On-Chip” PLC/Industrial Controller, meaning you have more freedom and flexibility in the final product size and design. CUBLOC Modules are similar to traditional PLCs in that Ladder Logic can be used…but the small size allows developers to design custom PCBs for any application.

There are different models, each with a unique program memory size and number of I/O ports. Please make a selection based on your product’s requirement.

The main advantage of CUBLOC is that it fills Ladder Logic’s weaknesses with the BASIC language. Ladder Logic is good enough to replace sequence diagrams, but to collect data, print graphics, and process complex tasks is asking a little bit too much. That is why we added the BASIC language. You can now run both Ladder Logic and/or BASIC!

If you are new to CUBLOC products, please see the CUBLOC Start Book. It's an excellent introductory text, especially for students.

Core Modules

MODEL CB210 CB220 CB320 CB280 CB380 CB290 CB400 CB405 CB405RT
PACKAGE Arduino style 24pin DIP 24pin DIP 64pin module 64pin module 108pin module 108pin module 80pin module 80pin module
I/O PORT 20 16 + 6 16 + 6 49 49 91 83 64 58
FLASH 80KB 80KB 200KB 80KB 200KB 80KB 200KB 200KB 200KB
DATA 3KB 3KB 7KB 3KB 7KB 28KB 7KB 110KB 110KB
A/D 6CH 10bit 8CH 10bit 8CH 10bit 8CH 10bit 8CH 10bit 8CH 10bit 16CH 10bit 16CH 10bit 8CH 10bit
8CH 16bit
PWM 3CH 16bit 6CH 10~16bit 6CH 10~16bit 6CH 10~16bit 6CH 10~16bit 6CH 10~16bit 12CH 10~16bit 12CH 10~16bit 12CH 10~16bit
RS232C 1CH 1CH 1CH 1CH 1CH 1CH 3CH 3CH 3CH
Pinout Pinout Pinout Pinout Pinout Pinout Pinout
Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy Buy


System Library

Graphic/Display Library

Ladder Logic

Ladder Logic's greatest advantage is that all circuits are laid out in parallel; they are all processed as fast as the ladder scan time will allow. This allows for a more parallel execution path for unrelated functions.

How to use Ladder logic

Low Level Commands

High Level Commands

Additional Information

Application Notes

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